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This under $ 5 eye shadow meets all your color needs| Products Recommended


Hello, everyone.Today our topic is the choice of eye shadows. Believe that everybody will trouble with buying what kind of eye shadow. For example, there are several reasons:

1. Eyeshadows bought doesn’t appear color,the effect is the same as not applied.

2. The color is too deep that entire makeup is exaggerated.

3. If you buy the eyeshadow platte with so many colors or single eyeshadow, you may not know how to match colors.

4.Poor quality eye shadow powder affects the effect of use.

5. The eye shadows that both quality and color are good are too expensive.


Now let us introduce a convenient, practical and cost-effective eye shadow, O.TWO.O Four Colors Brighten Eye Shadow Platte. 



Maybe many friends have used this brand’s products. I bought its blash and eyeshadow. I think the effects are so good. AliExPress has its official flagship store. This is a hot brand in AliExPress.The eyeshadow has well feedback on the platform. Because it solves a lot of the problems when we buy eye shadow.

v  About appearance and packaging

1. The outer package, with a bright rose gold paper box, attracted me at a glance.

2.The inner packing is made of a simple black plastic box with a transparent lid.

3.Paper boxes are combined with plastic boxes to avoid bumps in transit.

4. With sponge rod brush, it is more convenient.


v  About Silty

1.Silty smooth and easy to apply makeup,you can hardly feel the granules.

2.Soft touch ,like silk and easy to remove.

3.Mineral powder with Glitter powder,healthy and pearlescent.


v  About color

1. A combination of four colors presents a type of makeup.

   You don't have to worry about showing a makeup style but you don’t know how to match colors.


2. There are eight types of color combinations for you to choose .

   The style of eye shadow is no longer singular, meet different you.


3. Its colors is natural and long-lasting.

   You don't need worry about dropping powder and exaggerated color.


v  How to use

1. Some suggestion:

l  If you like naked and natural makeup,you can choose #03/#07.


l  If you want to be the party queen,you can choose #01/#02/#6.


l  If you want a sootiness makeup,look cool. You may choose #8.


2. Some Method:


v  About User’s Feedback





Okay, that’s all about O.TWO.O Four Color Brighten Eye Shadow. With all that said, I don't know if you're in love with this eye shadow, but I've already bought it.

If you have your own favorite eye shadow or any other questions about eye shadow, please leave a message to tell me.