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24 2018-02
Simple Steps to Own Natural Makeup
he natural makeup look is great for everyday to wear. If you want to look effortlessly beautiful, the natural makeup is the one. Now, Let’s learn with Pony, whose makeup is insanely talented. I believe you would love it.
09 2017-09
2017 New Braided Brows Trend
there's already a new eyebrow trend taking over Instagram
07 2017-09
The Best Primer
Primers are a relatively new make-up trend, their ability to sculpt skin and improve make-up's staying power has seen them quickly trickle into the mainstream.
23 2016-12
How to Choose the Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone
Most of us have a bunch of lipsticks in our beauty bag, some that we wear all the time, some that never get touched. There's a reason for that.
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